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Thinking of Panic Buying?

Sun, Nov 11, 2012


From Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

I have talked to a couple people in the gun biz and they are really busy. I’m not talking rumors over the internet from a guy who knows a guy but actual humans I regularly interact with. Since the election went to our President Barrack Obama the speculation is that he will try to push through some sort of Assault Weapons Ban or other gun control measures.

Personally I do not think the winds of our time are for gun control. Between Heller, the Republicans owning the house and arguably the Democratic party at large learning from ’94, a lot of states adding or going to ‘shall issue’ with concealed carry and the popularity of many modern weapons including Glock pistols as well as other polymer double stack’s and the AR platform I don’t see it happening. For goodness sake Walmart sells AR-15′s these days. There could be too many people who own them or have vested interests in making them for it to happen. However I could be wrong.

Honestly part of the reason I am not all that worried is that over time I’ve built up a decent stash of weapons as well as magazines and ammunition to feed them. It didn’t happen overnight. An order of Glock mag’s here, some .223 there, a few AR-15 mags for my birthday, etc. It turns out that if you make 3-4 orders for mags or ammo a year for several years it sure adds up. It certainly wouldn’t be ideal if what I’ve got is all there will ever be but it wouldn’t be disastrous.

As we discussed before there are some problems with panic buying. Also as Commander Zero once noted (more or less) if you can comfortably afford something and want it then why hasn’t it come home with you already. The guy they find for the news who never liked guns but goes out and gets 2 AR’s with a bunch of mags and several cases of .223 ammo because they might be banned is IMO very rare. If you wanted a case of 9mm ammo or a nice AR-15 rifle then either you own it or there is some reason like money, motivation or whatever that it hasn’t happened already.

A more realistic scenario I think is that you might re prioritize things if it looks like a ban might be coming. While they are also really important medical stuff, extra boots and commo stuff are unlikely to be banned in a month or two. Depending on where you are low and where you are comfortable it might be prudent to move item #3 on your list which is a spare set of mags for your pistol and #4 which is some more .22 ammo to the front burner. You might even feel strongly enough about the urgency to skip drinks with the guys and bring leftovers or a sack lunch to work a few times to make things happen in a hurry.

Of course it is worth noting to be reasonable about it. Do not be financially stupid or bet too heavily on one possible scenario. I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending money you cannot afford or going into debt. Also be careful not to get gun/ mag/ ammo/ accessories tunnel vision. Yes guns and the stuff to run them are important but you still need food, fuel, cash,
extra clothes and medical supplies. I think it is reasonable to slightly
adjust your priorities (especially for a short period like 3-6 months) to fill needs that may become more difficult or expensive to fill later.

Please note that I am not at all against having a good stash of guns and gun stuff.  If I stumbled into a bunch of money from my dead Zimbabwean Uncle tomorrow another AR and Glock 9mm (or a few of each) with plenty of ancillary stuff would come home with us. It is just that we have limited resources to prepare for all sorts of scenarios. Also to be blunt it is more likely that I will need a Coleman stove w/ fuel and some canned goods than a bunch more shotgun shells sitting in the closet by the other shotgun shells.

As to putting my money where my mouth is. Recently I have purchased 4 of those new 25 round Ruger 10/22 mags and 1 more 10rder for the .22 Buckmark recently. That being said those were shortages identified in recent inventories. I am toying with a few future purchases that might be made in the next few months: a handful of PMAGs and Glock mags as well as a new AR-15 lower for Project AR Upgrade  would be nice. However I’m not going to be prioritizing this stuff above food (which we are short on) and new funding streams that may or may not develop are also a factor so who knows.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. What do you think?


One Response to “Thinking of Panic Buying?”

  1. Creola Haliburton Says:
    November 11th, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    This is just what I needed to read today. Yesterday, when it appeared, I was too busy, but today it makes so much sense. I love the part where you wrote that we just need to trust that the dots will connect sometime in the future. I am going to take that with me. Thank you!!


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