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Well, it’s over.

Now the real fun begins; the nation is no closer to solutions than it was yesterday morning. We have no credible plan to address the two paired issues that are going to destroy our nation’s economy and progress — Health Care and The Budget along with Defense and Energy.

None of the Presidential campaigns — not the “big” parties nor any of the third parties — took those issues on. They all ignored it. Now we get to play with arithmetic, and unlike the political games that Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians play arithmetic isn’t a matter of suggestion or desire — it is a matter of facts and immutable mathematical laws.

Last night John Boehner tried to put the “big spin” on the results, but the fact is that there was no shift in power in either house of Congress. The Senate appears to have moved +2 for the Democrats, giving them a bare majority, but this is not material to the outcome of legislation due to the rules of the chamber.

So the outcome from a “big picture” view is that there was no change. Obama gets four more years and the odds are extremely high that mathematics are going to be the political force to be reckoned with in the coming four years — not party hacks.

If there’s a bit of good news in this election result it’s that the Democrats, being in the White House, are staring down the destruction of their party within the next four years. They don’t realize it yet, and probably won’t until it’s too late. But because it is nearly certain that this mess will come to a head within the next four years, and might within the next year or two, they will get tagged with the blame since they hold the White House.

As for Gary Johnson and the Libertarians, he got 1.135 million votes nationally, or 0.98%. His best state was New Mexico where the “loved” former Governor managed just 3.5% of the electorate. In Florida, where the State Libertarian Party Chair screeched about how he “knew” the ”integrity” of a man who abjectly lied about cutting spending as Governor, he managed a utterly-stupefying 0.5% of the vote, exactly as I predicted.

The reason for this utterly and ridiculously poor showing, not even approaching the blatantly and repeatedly false claims of 5, 6, 9%, or even higher levels of support among various states, is due to the campaign’s focus on smoking dope and gay marriage, utter sideshow issues. Exit polling said that the overwhelming issue for everyone was the economy; health care and the debt were the other big participants. Gary Johnson had no “solution” for any of these; he utterly refused to address the monetary issues, he took a flat whizz on health care and claimed that “nobody committed any crimes” when it came to the detonation of debt that caused 2008 (and will soon make a re-appearance; if you think not then look at Rochdale’s “trade” with Apple and explain exactly how a firm with ~$ 3 million in capital puts on a $ 700 million position and allegedly clears that transaction!)

One of the clearest demonstrations that the LPF, other state parties and National are completely and utterly full of crap when it comes to what people care about is found in Colorado. The State legalized recreational use of marijuana last night, but Gary Johnson managed to get just 1.3% of the vote. While the people may want to get high they will not vote for a third-party candidate that demonstrates that he cannot perform third-grade arithmetic even if he supports them getting stoned.


The Libertarians had their crack but whether they like it or not Wayne Allen Root turned out to be right — not because the Republicans are right but because National and a plurality of the State Parties continue to blow their own brains out when it comes to national elections and issues.

The Florida Party leadership, along with other State leadership and National, must resign as their approach to attempting to be relevant on the national stage has failed. I attempted to draw the party toward a different direction — one focused on the economy, on the debt, on monetary and fiscal issues and on mathematically-sound facts and failed. If the Party will not publicly admit that their chosen path was an abject and total failure here, now and today then I have no option but to abandon it entirely at all levels and seek a different group of people and path forward.

The people simply will not accept a third party that refuses to lead on the issues that matter and instead embraces the insanity of focusing a campaign on dope smoking and gay marriage. Yes, these are important issues to some people. But everyone votes their wallet when they go into the booth. The reality of elections is that the major parties get a pass on being stupid because they do not get painted with the “clown car” moniker on those fringe issues, but third parties get no such pass. If you want to tear people away from those major parties you have to cut the crap; the results show this as in State results where there was a Libertarian running against a Democrat and Republican there was trouble, but where only a Republican was on the other side the Libertarian got the Democrat vote as well. The Libertarian still lost, but he got votes by default rather than by winning them in those cases, and while you can pat yourself on the back for that you can’t win that way. Here in the 1st District we polled just over 3%, which is damned disappointing — the Democrat in our race did not campaign at all, literally, (he ran a no-BS $ 500 campaign) and he yet got 27% of the electorate simply because there was a “D” next to his name!

The best opportunity in decades to make a difference on the national stage came and now has gone as a direct and proximate consequence of the outrageously foolish decisions made by party leadership, and the question now is whether they are insane by Einstein’s definition or will hang their heads in shame and leave voluntarily. Repeatedly running butt-hurt Republicans (this makes twice sequentially) and reinforcing the stereotype that Libertarians are simply Republicans who like to smoke pot must end right here, right now, today, and those who advocated for this path forward and put their personal endorsements into Johnson’s campaign must depart the Libertarian stage to an individual man and woman. I call upon all of them to tender their resignations this morning and if they don’t, for the members of the party to cut up their party registrations at 5:00 PM this afternoon.

There’s little time for the State and National leadership to make their decision on this from my point of view. I’m very interested in working toward solutions for this country’s problems, and have opportunities to do so that I fully intend to exercise. If the Libertarians want to be part of that then they need to shift their focus, actions and leadership, and they need to do it now.

The only poll that matters has now been taken, and the results are in.

Time’s up and so are the excuses.

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