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Via MSOnline news correspondent Valerie –

Here is the Thursday version of news you need to know.

As the GOP primaries continue, the candidates set their sites on each other.

Apparently the Tea Party made a deranged man pull the trigger of a gun to kill people in Arizona last year.

Iranian scientists killed by car bomb.

Threat of biological terror attack looms.

Predictions for NYSE for the end of this year.

Here’s a site that, while not a prepping site, has some great information for the way we are preparing to live–or even the way we are living now. I love many of her recipes, and I am getting ready to try her some of her sewing tutorials to teach myself to sew. She’s got some good food storage lists, and if nothing else, her site might help some of you work on getting your wives on board with the whole prepping thing. She does a lot with not a lot, which is what we might be facing and sooner than we think.

Have a great weekend!

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