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Many Different Things: Ammo, Mag’s, tiny .22′s and Random Thoughts

Fri, Oct 12, 2012


From Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

Today I finished up putting away the ammo. As mentioned previously these inventories found our stock of 30-30 Winchester painfully low at only 320 rounds. This was no bueno. I was pleased to stumble into 3 more boxes of 30-30 ammo while unloading some stuff which helped. Also today I picked up 3 more boxes on top of that so we are within spitting distance of the 500 rd goal there.

[500 rds isn’t a ton but to be honest the gun is a backup to a backup for us. We stock considerably more .223 and 7.62×39. Half the reason I stock the caliber at all is that it is common in the 2 boxes of ammo on hand crowd and thus one good folks might need.]

 Today magazines inventories started. They will not be 100% until our stuff gets here but initial reports are in. We are long on AK and Glock magazines. This was somewhat intentional. The AK stuff because it is just getting more expensive. I don’t NEED a lot of it but as a bit of speculation it might be good to have in the future. Also there is always the potential for trade/ barter/ charity down the road.

As to Glock mags. I am way past my theoretical standard of 10 magazines per pistol. This will change a bit when I pick up another Glock in the next year or two but not that much. Thinking of either adjusting the ratio or maybe just allocating a dozen mags to cache or something.

On the downside we are pretty short on mags for the .22′s.We have just 4 mags for the Ruger 10/22 and 3 for the Browning Buckmark. I would like to have 6 or so for each. Will have to work on this in the coming months.

We have some other mags for guns I do not own. I held onto a few 1911 mags and a bit of ammo when I sold the old slab side. Should have done the same thing when I sold the Glock .40 but alas I did not. It may lean into crazy territory but I would like the option to feed guns in common calibers. The other mags were at too good of deals to pass up or are for guns that I may buy some day.

Strait Forward in a Crooked World makes an interesting case for the tiny .22 pistol. The traditional answer to this problem of a very small pistol would be a .380. However that would mean a new caliber for me and I am very pleased to have a nice simple (handgun) logistical situation. To me the biggest benefit would be not needing to add a new caliber. We have plenty of .22 ammo already. The new really tiny single stack 9mm’s like the Ruger LC9 and S&W Shield are also worth considering. It would be 2 guns but a Ruger LC9 and a little Beretta (or way cooler old Walther) .22 pistols would give me slightly larger and smaller options than a .380 (but a bit better more flexibility) combined with maintaining my simple logistical situation. At this stage in life the cost of procuring an additional firearm might be worth it for me.

Today I went to the store to get a folding chair and a floor lamp. The last couple days I have been sitting on a cot and due to the lack of lighting in the living room (really the whole house) being a sad panda in the dark. This is a big improvement.

Wifey and kiddo are flying down here next weekend. I am really excited.  My bachelor survival skills have slid away since marriage so things are pretty rough here. More to the point I miss them both a ton. She is probably what keeps me as a reasonably sane functional person and kiddo is just hilarious. Things should be set up well so that they can arrive and settle in somewhat seamlessly.

Anyway aside from me being too lazy to cook dinner that is what’s going on here.

Hope you all had a good weekend,


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