Hardcore Skyrim – Episode 51 – Longest Dungeon ever! | Preparednessdaily.com


We are here on the second part of this super long dungeon! Thankfully we are about to be done it seems. Enjoy! ——————————————————————————————- www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Hardcore Rules: 1) If you die, the character is ‘dead’. You cannot reload the save. There is only 1 life. 2) You cannot use the Map, neither for Fast traveling nor for guidance. 3) You cannot use the compass (Mod required) 4) Play in Expert or Master difficulty. Master is recommended. 5) You need to eat food and sleep to get your stam and magicka regen (Mod required) 6) There is NO health regen, you need either pots or healing magic (Mod required) -Mod to hide HUD features and the compass: www.skyrimnexus.com -Mod to simulate the necessity of food and sleep for survival: www.skyrimnexus.com If you have any questions, please let me know. And enjoy!

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