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The Market Ticker – Rick Perry: You Have Some ‘Splaining To Do

Fri, Aug 19, 2011

Economy and News

From The Market Ticker

Yeah, I know, he’s everyone’s darling right now, especially when he talks about taking Bernanke up into the dock for Treason should he print more money.

I like that concept, but then again I’m a fan of the original Coinage Act – and it’s penalties.  If we had that in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 we’d either need to employ a professional black-hood-fitter for the National Mall or we’d not have had any inflation since 1913. 

I’ll take either outcome, figuring that the employment side will only be necessary a few times.

But when it comes to smaller government that’s where Perry has to prove his chops, and he’s got a problem there – specifically, Gardisil.

Read this piece from Michelle Malkin.  She’s spot on; Perry, through executive order, claiming to be inviolate even to legislative override, ordered every sixth grade girl in Texas to take a three-shot series of an unproven vaccine for a STD.

This is a “Christian Conservative” mind you, who believes strongly that sex is something to be shared only inside of marriage.

Oh really Rick?  Well, those who follow that prescription don’t need a vaccine, do they?

But it’s not just the jackbooted foot of government that’s in play here, in direct contravention to the premise of conservatism and limited government – oh no.

There’s also the stench of corruption.

Cronyism. Most noxious of all, Perry wraps his big government health mandate in the “pro-life” mantle. But the do-gooder theater is a distraction from the business-as-usual back-scratching and astro-turfing that are Obama hallmarks. Perry’s former chief of staff Mike Toomey is a top Merck lobbyist.Toomey’s mother-in-law CORRECTION his current chief-of-staff’s mother-in-law headed a Merck-funded front group pushing vaccination mandates. Merck’s political action committee pitched in $ 6,000 to Perry’s re-election campaign in 2007 and Merck discussed the vaccine with Perry staff on the day they donated.

We need more inside dealing in our government like we need to commit suicide with a double-barrel shotgun in our collective mouths – pulled twice.  The SEC shredding investigatory files and BATFE “walking guns” (that then are used to shoot Americans) aren’t enough?  Now we want to have pharmaceutical companies forcing our children to accept unproven vaccines that are of unknown safety and efficacy, irrespective of the side effects, and which in fact don’t even protect against all of the strains of the disease in question?

Remember folks, nothing prevents you from choosing to get vaccinated with this drug, either you or your kids, if you choose to do so.  We’re not talking about choice here – we’re talking about force – the government sticking it’s gun up your ass and demanding that you accept these shots – “or else.”

Never mind the obvious question: Since when is sexual contact supposed to occur in school, which is the only rational connection that the State could raise for a vaccination in this case, since the disease in question cannot be spread by casual contact?

Perry, for his part, says he “didn’t understand all of this” at the time.  I think he understood fully-well what he was doing.  The conduct that could lead to exposure is something that is prohibited and the state should not allow to happen in a school in the first place. 

Therefore the State has no compelling interest in this drug, irrespective of whether it’s safe and effective – and there are clear questions on that point.  Further, there is the stench of cronyism at best and perhaps even rank corruption in the process that led to the order.

Mr. Perry, you may like talking about Bernanke going to the gallows for money printing, but perhaps we should talk about charging you with Treason for violating the bodily integrity and health of your state’s girls!  After all, in this State, and I believe in Texas as well, if you assault a person with a deadly device or weapon they are within their rights to respond with deadly force.

You’re entitled to a trial first, of course, before sentencing.  I further suggest that the jurors all be girls who you intended to force to take that vaccine against their will.

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