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Mon, Aug 22, 2011

Food Storage


Mike Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large) wrote to mention that September 6th is “Book Bomb Day” for his novel Rogue. It is the sequel to The Weapon. It has: “Some violence, some harsh language, and very few sexual references.” You can read some advance chapters here. Let’s lift Mike’s new book into Amazon’s Top 20! By the way, Mike will be signing books at Uncle Hugo’s book store on September 10th, 2011, including the signature edition of Rogue.  Uncle Hugo’s is Mike’s preferred outlet for sales ranking. 

Also, Mike’s new Freehold series adventure story (with minimal adult content in the form of two swear words) is now available for free reading at the Baen publishing web site.

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My wife Avalanche Lily pointed me to an excellent post over at the Paratus Familia blog: Long Term Food Storage – Baking with 25 Year Old Wheat

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Businessweek magazine just lumped me in with a bunch of Rapture Profiteers, even though I told their reporter that I’m a post-mil kinda guy. Oh well, it it tough talking about eschatology, even with fellow Christians, much less with a non-Christian reporter.

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Jeff B. sent this: Military bulks up to protect against groin injuries

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Taipan’s editor, Joseph McBrennan suggests: Buy a Gun. Link coutresy of J.B.G.

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