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Mon, Aug 15, 2011

Economy and News


I recently received a sample body armor carrier, AK magazine pouch, and an AK magazine, all made by U.S. PALM. To start, I must mention that all of their cataloged items are made in the USA. While the vast majority of their competitors have “gone cheap” and sourced most of their products overseas (primarily in mainland China), U.S. PALM’s management made the commendable decision to produce all of their gear here in the United States. That puts them up several notches, in my book. A couple of detailed reviews will follow in the blog at a later date, but for now let me say that I’m very impressed with the quality of their workmanship. Disclaimer (per FTC File No. P034520): U.S. PALM is not a SurvivalBlog advertiser. They have not solicited me or paid me to write any reviews or endorsements, nor will I receive any remuneration from their sales of their products. They did provide me with several sample items of their manufacture for evaluation, at my request.

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Wally B. mentioned this new segment from Russian television: Preparing for an apocalypse in America. Decent preps, and a great ham rig, but pitiful OPSEC. Why did they have to mention their family name or their city? Loose lips sink ships.

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If you are looking for a retreat property, or if you have one that you’d like to sell, then be sure to check out our spin-off web site, We now have 61 listings in 47 States in the U.S. and two other countries. One the latest listings is an upcoming auction for a 147 acre camp property, near El Dorado, Kansas. ads cost just $ 30 per month and no sales commissions are charged.

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Sergio sent me a link to map showing the percentage of Christians and all faiths in each state.

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K.A.F. sent this: 11 crazy alternative investments: Collectible guns. JWR’s Comments: Only out-of-touch eastern urbanites consider guns a “crazy” investment. In fact, they are a proven inflation hedge. They are also one of the few investments (like Japanese swords) that can help you defend all of your other investments. I’m fairly confident that my Merwin & Hulberts (albeit not quite as nice as this one) will hold their value in the next couple of centuries much better than shares of Xing, Yahoo and Zynga. Granted, stocks on average have been great performers, but even a few “blue chip” stocks like AIG have gone bust. My knowledge of antique Colts, Winchesters, and Mausers gives me tremendous confidence that I’m buying a long-term winner. But corporate managements can change, so there is no certainty that a company that I invest in today will even exist in a hundred years. (How’s that Pan Am stock doing for you, mom?)

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