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The Market Ticker – A “Cottage” Protest

Thu, Jun 16, 2011

Economy and News

From The Market Ticker

Now this is interesting….

JERUSALEM With revolution sweeping the Middle East, Facebook-inspired protests have come to Israel in an unlikely form, in a carton of cottage cheese.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a tub of the cheese slammed on his desk in parliament on Wednesday by opposition lawmakers who jumped on the bandwagon of a social network call to “boycott cottage,” in the face of a sharp rise in prices.

Money-printing and negative real interest rates are not just a US phenomena.  It’s worldwide as is the impact.  Bernanke, for all his pronouncements, is causing dislocations and protests everywhere, even in nominally-well-off Israel.

It is time to depose Bernanke-the-Crook and impose a hard zero-inflationary standard, demanding that the inflation he has pumped into the global system, since the dollar is the reserve currency, be reversed and those who have losses he has covered up be forced into the open.

If this has to come from foreign nations and citizens who have the sack to protest, unlike those of us in the US who can’t be bothered, then so be it.

Count The Market Ticker in full support of this protest and I hope it “spreads” – perhaps, all over Netanyahu’s desk.

(A facebook group in support is at!/home.php?sk=group_160938223972456)

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